About Jennifer

Jennifer Feenstra, DPT

Jennifer Feenstra, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist
(Vertigo, Dizziness)
Balance Specialist

Jennifer developed her passion for vestibular rehabilitation after personally experiencing a common vestibular disorder known as BPPV.
Her interest was further developed during her final clinical rotation in PT school working in a clinic specializing in concussions and vestibular rehabilitation. Jennifer has been practicing as a vestibular and concussion specialist for over 7 years and brings extensive knowledge and experience to Peak Performance. Jennifer also enjoys keeping her clinical palette diverse working with orthopedic injuries and patients in post-operative recovery.

Jennifer is married with two boys, Robert and Thomas, and enjoys hiking, camping, boating, and floating during the Missoula summers and loves a good book by the fire in the winter after a day of skiing or