Baseline Concussion Testing at Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Baseline Concussion Testing at Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Get Tested for Concussions in Missoula, MT

  • ImPACT Neuropsych Baseline Testing
  • RightEye Oculomotor Examination
  • Neurocom VSR Sport Plate Balance Test
  • BESS Balance Test

Peak Performance Physical Therapy offers baseline concussion testing. Baseline testing prior to experiencing a concussive event can offer earlier and more accurate identification of a concussion, especially in the pediatric populations.

Peak Performance sets itself apart from other baseline tests by utilizing state-of-the-art technology including RightEye™ Neurovision Eye-tracking, NeuroCom VSR Sport Plate Balance test, VirtuaMind (Virtual Reality) along with ImPACT® Neurocognitive Concussion Testing, as well as Vestibular-Oculomotor Screening and balance testing.

ImPACT® Neuropsych Baseline Testing

Healthcare Professionals, including the staff at Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, use ImPACT® Neurocognitive Concussion Testing to establish each athlete's individual baseline mental abilities prior to an injury. The baseline test measures and records an athlete's short and long term memory, visual motor speed and reaction time.

RightEye™ Oculomotor Examination

90% of concussions result in eye-movement dysfunction. RightEye™ Neurovision eyetracking measures and analyzes your eye movement, brain processing and reaction time against peers, amateurs and pro athletes.

NeuroCom® VSR Sport Plate Balance Test

Peak Performance also utilizes a NeuroCom® VSR™ Sports Plate Balance Test which provides an objective reading on patients' balance and stability with normative date comparison for the Modified Clinical Test of the Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB), as the Stability of Evaluation Test (SET).

Baseline testing also includes extensive education on concussion management for the patient, parents, and coaches.

Baseline tests are $39 and these funds go directly to the Dylan Steigers Concussion Project Non-profit organization.