Dance Medicine

With over 600 muscles and 206 bones and countless nerves, ligaments and tendons in the body, it’s almost impossible for dancers to escape getting injured. Acute injuries, such as a sudden sprain or a muscle pull, seem to happen out of the blue. One minute you’re dancing the next minute you’ve hit the floor.

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy we have therapists that are will trained in the evaluative and manual skills necessary to work with dancers. Peak Performance is dedicated to help dancers heal from injuries and return to performing.

If you are a dancer concerned about prevention and rehabilitation of the injuries that are common to dancers of all ages call Peak Performance today to set up an appointment.

Staff Experience Makes a Difference

Our staff has experience treating dance related injuries with some of the leading modern dance and ballet companies.

Our goal is to evaluate, treat and educate artists in the prevention of dance-related injuries. We stress the importance of balancing athletic abilities with artistic expression through specialized conditioning and technical training.

Our services include clinical rehabilitation,and educational seminars. The physical therapists and athletic trainers are responsible for the evaluation of the dancer’s functional capacity and the analysis of movement dysfunction associated with the dancer’s injury.

The therapists also set goals with the dancer that will lead to resolution of the dysfunction. They interpret the physician’s referrals and administer prescribed treatment.

It is the therapist’s responsibility, together with the physician, to plan the dancer’s discharge from treatment so that the dancer is maximally able to meet the functional demands of their occupation and demonstrate knowledge and skills to prevent of re-injury.

When you need information and reassurance, we’re here for you. To learn more or to schedule a private/personal consultation call us at: 406.542.0808