Balance Therapy

Balance: Sensory Organization

Ability of the balance system to utilize sensory inputs appropriately to maintain postural control through 3 sensory inputs:

  • Vision
  • Somatosensation (how the body surface reacts with the environment)
  • Vestibular

Our bodies use three different systems to find our balance. These systems include vision, the somatosensory system, and the vestibular apparatus. Through examination measures, your therapist will help define what role each of these systems hold in your unique balance patterns. To aid in this process, Peak Performance Physical therapy utilizes state of the art computerized tools that offer a more comprehensive understanding of what is driving your impairments.

Computerized Balance Testing (Neurocom)

Computerized Balance Testing (Neurocom)

Peak Performance Physical uses the VSR Sport Plate Balance test. This technology offers quantitative analysis to compare your balance to age matched normative data and can determine specific directional impairments. This is a non-invasive test that requires the patient to stand on the force plate and move in specific patterns. Our therapists will utilize the Neurocom VSR Sport Plate Balance Test for a multitude of patient populations ranging from concussion rehabilitation to fall prevention programs. The software can then be used for customized rehabilitation programs.